We would like to present an exhaustive tutorial on the open source programming language called Swift. We will be referencing three different sources: 1.) the Coursera class called “Toward the Future of iOS Development with Swift“, 2.) the Swift documentation, currently on version 5, located here 3.) and for our examples we will be referencing the Final General Management Plan Amendment Environmental Impact Statement.

These are all free resources, though Apple does require you to develop on their machines. You might ask why we decided to use a management study as a reference? Well the answer is for fun. The tutorials will integrate the information presented in the study as a tool to help you better understand why we use programming languages in the first place.

Most Coursera classes are free, though you must pay attention as you sign up for the “Audit” link. It is usually located in the lower left side of the sign-up dialog box, follow this link and you will not be charged, see image below: